Brands - Davidoff, West, Parker&Simpson, Prima


Davidoff is a renowned international cigarette brand created for true connoisseurs of elegance and style. The creator of the brand, Zino Davidoff, was born in Kiev and had a passion for creating only the best. Our Davidoff cigarettes form part of this herritage with their contemporary style, high quality and affordable luxury. Combining an exclusive tobacco blend with premium packaging materials and modern pack design, Davidoff represents perfection in every detail.
The brand is available in all modern formats: Davidoff Premium Line, Davidoff Superslims, Davidoff Black & White and Davidoff iD.


A dynamic and vibrant brand that constantly evolves, West is created for adult smokers searching for quality and modernity at a great price.
Globally, West is our second largest cigarette brand by volume with a significant presence in Central and Eastern Europe. First launched in Germany in 1981, West is available in 94 countries around the world.

In Ukraine, West is marketed in its most modern formats - King Size Superslims (West Fusion) and Queen Size (West Compact).
West always offers innovation: West Fusion features a unique charcoal filer to deliver a soft and rich taste. West Compact is the first Queen Size cigarette in the mid-price segment.


Steeped in history, Prima is a legendary Ukrainian cigarette brand. Its production started in our Kyiv Tobacco Factory in 1947, where it developed from a plain to a modern cigarette, benefitting from new technologies and formats.    
Today, Prima is the biggest brand family in Ukraine. In fact, every 7th cigarette sold in the market is a Prima cigarette.
The Prima family includes brands such as Prima Lux, Prima Sribna, Prima Optima, Prima 83 and Prima Clasychna.

Prima Lux

Prima Lux is a quality Ukrainian cigarette brand which competes at every level with international products. First launched in 1998, it was the first cigarette in Ukraine produced with an American Blend. Prima Lux features a rich taste as well as a premium carbon filter with an air chamber.
Prima Lux is available in 12 versions and, in April 2011, the product line was complemented by the introduction of Prima Lux Superslims.

As a successful Ukrainian brand, Prima Lux is also in demand abroad and is now exported to consumers in Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Prima Sribna

Prima Sribna was the first filter cigarette in the Prima family, launched in 1996. It has a classic taste which has stayed the same for many years. Today, Prima Sribna is one of the most successful brands in the Prima family, ranked in the top 5 cigarette brands in Ukraine.

Prima Optima

Launched in 1999, Prima Optima is one of the most successful brands in the low price segment. This success is due to its high product quality and affordable price.

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