Corporate culture

We take great pride in being a developing global organisation that continues to encourage a friendly working atmosphere. This approach dates back to our roots as a family business in the 18th century.

We have a loyal and highly motivated workforce and place a strong emphasis on maintaining high ethical standards in all of our business activities. We also continue to stand up for the freedom of adults to enjoy smoking.

Our success is as much about our people as it is about our products and markets. We employ around 38,000 people. We look after them and value them for their individuality and diversity, their integrity, and their hard work. Our culture is one that encourages innovation and rewards performance.

Corporate motto of "Bring it On!" fully reflects the fact that there are highly motivated and engaged people in our team. They have team spirit and the company is doing everything for their development and professional success.

Our people are encouraged both to develop as individuals and to co-operate for the greater good of the business, sharing information and resources. It is a team effort where autonomy and personal responsibility are encouraged – individual decisions matter because they play a key role in our future success.