International career

As a leading global company, we offer our employees access to unique international experience, cooperation with their colleagues from different countries worldwide, participation in international projects and opportunities for international career development.

Our company has international career development programs, with the help of which the employees can receive additional training, try themselves in other business areas, and prepare for future international roles at ITG.
An international career offers opportunities for quick career growth as well as:

  • task variety – the interplay of a wide range of business issues
  • environment and cultural variety – a chance to learn more about international management
  • professional and career growth – the possibility to apply for the highest positions in the company

ITG strives to invest in people who can be appointed to positions higher than those they currently occupy.
Today, more than ten of our Ukrainian colleagues who started their work for the company in Ukraine continue to work successfully in leading positions in Imperial Tobacco Group abroad – in Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and many other countries.

We invite you to learn more about the success stories of our Ukrainian colleagues and the development of their international careers.