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Success stories - Olga Rusnak

Olga Rusnak, Head of Strategic Foresight Department, the headquarters of Imperial Tobacco (Bristol, Great Britain)

Olga began her work for Imperial Tobacco Ukraine in 2003 as a Marketing Planning Analyst. In 2004, she continued as a Marketing Research Manager, and in 2008 she succeeded in an international competition and was appointed a Foresight Manager in the Head Office, Great Britain. In 2011 Olga was promoted and today, she leads the Strategic Foresight Department in the Company’s Head Office.

Olga, one of the conditions qualifying a specialist for participation in a competition for work abroad is participation in international projects. What were your tasks and achievements?

After I joined Imperial Tobacco Ukraine, I took an active part in analytical and research projects and showed an interest in the work of our colleagues in other countries to introduce its results in our company.

When I worked in Ukraine, I cooperated actively with my colleagues from Central Marketing and together we implemented several international projects. One of the most successful and interesting projects was Superslims, aimed at evaluating the potential of this segment and carrying out consumer analysis in eleven countries around the world. As a result of this project, a decision was made to invest in the development of this segment, purchase the necessary equipment, and develop new trademarks.

For me, this project was an opportunity to receive unique international experience and demonstrate important managerial skills – initiative, a result-oriented approach and innovativeness.

What does your current position, Foresight Manager, imply? Which professional achievements do you have?

My current position is an extremely interesting area in the company – I am a Foresight Manager in the Strategy & Foresight Department. The goal of our department’s work is the development and introduction of a new corporate strategy for the company.
In English, “foresight” means “prevision”. My major tasks include analysis of the key consumer trends and estimation of their further development, analysis of the tobacco industry’s development and competitive environment, as well as development of strategic recommendations concerning future development areas.

What new professional and life experiences did you receive working in Great Britain?

After three years of work and life in Great Britain, I have very positive impressions (although the first year was, of course, not easy). I can say that those three years gave me experience of six years – in terms of the number of projects, travels, meetings and work results. The rhythm was very lively, busy but very interesting at the same time.

How do you spend your free time?

I do not have much free time, but my family tries to spend it actively – travelling, meeting friends, going in for sports and taking care of our small garden (like real Ukrainians, we grow our own tomatoes in it). I also try to continue taking photos – it has been my hobby since I was ten.

When we have a chance, we travel around Europe and Great Britain, and also learn more about secret corners in Bristol. It is a rather small town in the southwest part of Great Britain – with only 300, 000 citizens. Its lifestyle and rhythm is very similar to those in my native Chernivtsi.