Our values

Our values are the essence of what Imperial is about, defining who we are, what we do and how we do it.

They provide us with a common bond, guiding the way we do business and influencing the way we behave. Our values are about working together, continually improving, taking ownership and making the most of every opportunity.

We work as one team for the good of the whole business
Both as individuals and as team members, we work to deliver excellent financial results through outstanding business performance. See what we do

We are a responsible company, pursuing high standards in everything we do
We understand our responsibilities in working for a high profile and controversial industry. We are proud of, and will protect our reputation for, openness and honesty in how we conduct our business. In all our business dealings we will act with integrity See what we do

We deliver high quality products to ensure customer satisfaction
Our focus on manufacturing and sales excellence and our high standards of support ensure we give the best products and service to all our customers and consumers. See what we do