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Interview with Employee Kateryna Bednostina

Kateryna Bednostina, Quality Engineer

- When and how did you start your work in the company? 

- I came to work for Kyiv Tobacco Factory  in November 2001. I’m educated as a light industry economist but at the university I understood that I liked process engineering. After I received my diploma with distinction, I decided to look for a work in the sphere of production process. At that moment, I learned about a vacancy in the Tobacco Factory Quality Management Department at the site of “acceptance control of non-tobacco materials”.

- Why did you choose our company as an employer?  

- First, the Tobacco Factory is a prestigious company with foreign investments, high salaries and a good attitude toward young specialists. I received my second diploma as an English philologist, so I had no problems with a foreign language. Second, I received the chance to work directly in the production sphere. Third, the company offered opportunities for constant improvement of qualification, development and participation in international projects.

 - In 2011, you not only took part in the international project called Safety Pin but also became the leader of our team in the final competition. Could you tell us more about this project?  

- Safety Pin is an international corporate game in the sphere of quality, health safety, occupational safety and environment protection. Within the framework of this project, our factory organized special lectures and practical exercise conducted on-site for our employees. They helped develop creative thinking and the ability to look at the situation in general for every employee. Due to such an unconventional approach, our team took third place in the final competition in Poland, having left behind the teams from Great Britain, France, Spain, Turkey and Morocco, and received valuable prizes. As the team leader, I can say we achieved these results not only due to the high qualifications of our trainers but also due to the unity of our guys, mutual support, a desire to accomplish the tasks and show that Imperial Tobacco’s factory in Kyiv is a high-level factory in everything.

- What do you like most about your work?

- As I have already mentioned, I like to work in the production sphere. My responsibilities include inspection of quality of non-tobacco materials coming to the factory that are then used for cigarette production. Every day, I can see the results of my work not only in the form of reports, graphs and figures, but also in the form of high-quality final products.

- What was the largest challenge in your work?

- During the period of my work for the company, I had to cope with numerous difficult tasks. They included the introduction of new software (SAP, QAD), reorganization of business processes, participation in the corporate game Safety Pin, and others. My energy and perseverance as well as help and support from my colleagues help me to cope with all these challenges.

- Which advice would you give to those who are planning to join our company?

- To work responsibly and honestly. It is not difficult in the well-wishing and friendly team of our company. With his/her work, one should strive for recognition at Imperial Tobacco.

Work in Company

November 2001– April 2002 Product Quality Controller
Since April 2002 Quality Engineer