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Interview with Employee Zhanna Galkina

Zhanna Galkina, Area Sales Manager

How and why did you come to work for Imperial Tobacco?

My work for the company began in August 1998 with implementation of a project assignment involving trade outlets in Mykolayiv. After three months of successful work, I was offered permanent employment in the company in the sales sphere. So I became one of the first female sales representatives in the company, since at that time there were mostly men working as sales representatives. I was very interested in trying myself out in this sphere, and I was given the chance by the work for our company.

What do your responsibilities include today?

Today, I am responsible for the work of sales representatives in Mykolayiv and Kherson Oblasts, and control implementation of distribution plans for our products, cooperation with distributors.

What do you like most in the company’s work?

The company has a reputation as a good employer, communication among colleagues is open and transparent, and we have various opportunities for education and development.

What do you like about Imperial Tobacco’s corporate culture?

The teamwork of all the departments regardless of their location. Everyone in the company clearly understands that it is impossible to achieve success on your own, and the coordinated effort of a strong team is needed for that.

Can you recall an interesting challenge that you faced during your work for the company?

The most interesting project for me was my work with the key retail networks: the installation of special trade equipment, negotiations with partners and obtaining exclusive conditions for the company. In addition, the new stage for me was the appointment of Area Sales Manager for the Odessa regional Department.

What advice would you give anyone willing to join the company?

Don’t be afraid to be brave. In my own experience, I saw that courage and perseverance would always help you. Imperial Tobacco is a stable and democratic company whose employees help each other.

Work in Company

August 1998 –  December 2002 Sales Representative
December 2002 - August 2005
Sales Representative for Wholesale Trade
August 2005 – February 2006 Sales Representative for Work with Key Clients
February 2006 – December 2006
Senior Sales Representative
Since December 2006 Territory Sales Manager, Odessa Regional Department