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Interview with Employee Hanna Shybko

Hanna Shybko, Regional Sales Director (East)

Hanna, your career path in the company was very interesting and intensive. Please tell us how it all started and how it developed.

I began working at the company in June 2001 as a Sales Representative for HoReCa channel. My key task was to work with points of sale ensuring the availability of the company’s products, preparing orders for equipment and materials, and their placement, preparing and implementing mutual projects with our partners. It was interesting for me to develop my career in the company’s sales function. That’s why I started growing in this direction and began working in the external service. At first I worked as the Sales Representative in the Dnipropetrovsk Representative Office. Later I became the Head of that team.

What helped you achieve success?

Career achievements have never been my number one priority in life. I just always tried to do a good job, be responsible and appreciate the opportunities that have been opening up in the new stage of my life and work.

What do you think are the factors that contribute to the success of Imperial Tobacco’s team?

I believe the key to our company’s success is in its corporate culture. According to our corporate culture, all teams and departments work together as one integral unit. The results and success are possible only when there is cooperation, support, effective communication, and when we listen to everybody. Furthermore, it is important for all employees to understand the company's goals and the tasks of each department of the company.

What does challenge mean for you?

In my opinion this word is closely related to ambitions. For me a challenge means understanding the need for changes plus a strong will, ambitions, optimism, and hard work during the change enablement stage. The ability to respond to challenges requires some talent, intuition, an accurate, fast and effective reaction, flexibility and moving forward. And this talent is very important today!

What qualities does an employee need to have to build a successful career?

If you want to be successful at work, you need to learn constantly and always try to be the best in your field, competent and honest with yourself and others; you need to learn from your mistakes and from the experience of other people around you. Success in both business and personal life requires non-stop development, vivid interest in your job and in the people you are dealing with. 

As a tourist who conquered mountain tops, I can say that the most important thing for a person who has reached the mountain peak is to always remember their journey and the people who were climbing by their side, the ones from whom the person bought the backpack, and the ones who helped pick the equipment. No one achieves success alone; there are always other people by your side. And it is thanks to those people around you that you keep going forward in your life.

Work in Company

June 2001 – March 2002 Sales Representative for HoReCa channel, Dnipropetrovsk Representative Office
March 2002 – October 2002 Sales Representative, Dnipropetrovsk Representative Office
October 2002 – February 2008 Head of Field Force, Dnipropetrovsk Representative Office
February 2008 – December 2009 Regional Sales Manager, Branch Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Representative Office
Since December 2009 Regional Sales Director (East)