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Interview with Employee Vadym Strelchuk

Vadym Strelchuk, Regional Sales Manager e

What was the start of your career in the company?

Ten years ago, when I already had some experience selling FMCG goods, I joined a team of sales representatives in Lutsk. It was very interesting for me to work for a tobacco company in particular, since it has its own specifics (excise duty, trade restrictions), which I wanted to master. I like saying, “The one who can sell tobacco can sell anything!” Today, I sell tobacco.

Why did you decide to take part in a competition for the position of head of an external service in western Ukraine?

I am a very active person and it is important for me not to be satisfied with what has been achieved. Work is like sports, and if you want to achieve something you have to constantly raise the bar. That’s why, when a new opening appeared, I immediately took part in it. Work as an external service trainer gave me unique experience and new knowledge necessary for understanding this important function.

Eventually, while working as a trainer I also decided to take part in a competition for the position of Regional Sales Director in the Southern Region and went through the Evaluation and Development Center (assessment center). This gave me an opportunity to assess my strong competencies and formulate a plan of further development – to learn English and enroll in a Master of Business Administration (МВА) program. As of today, I have been working in an executive position as the Head of the Lviv Branch of our company.

What helps you perform your work successfully today?

First of all, my experience of work for the company. I went from being a sales representative to the head of a representative office, and worked as an external service trainer for a long time. This helped me understand the process of selling our products from inside. I learned how to communicate properly with clients, colleagues, and subordinates, and how to motivate people. This unique experience helps me today in my managerial work.

What are your career development plans for the future?

My goal is to continue developing my career in the sales sphere in the Ukrainian market or to pursue an international career, taking the position of General Manager in some country.

What advice would you give your colleagues dreaming of developing their career in the company?

If you have a dream or a desire to develop your career in Imperial Tobacco, do not rest on your achievements. Our company will always support you in this and offer every opportunity.

Work in Company

December 2001 –  March 2004 Sales Representative in Lutsk
March 2003 - March 2004 Head of External Service ( Volyn)
March 2004 - March 2005 Territory Sales Manager (Transcarpathian region)
March 2005 – December 2009 Regional Specialist of External Service Development (trainer) in Western Region
December 2009 – December 2010 Regional Sales Manager, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Representative Office
Since December 2010 Regional Sales Manager, Head of Lviv Regional Representative Office
Since October 2013 Regional Sales Manager