Volodymyr Antypenko, Financial Director of Imperial Tobacco, ranked amongst the best financial directors in Ukraine


Volodymyr Antypenko, Financial Director of Imperial Tobacco in Ukraine has been ranked amongst the best performing financial directors of Ukrainian companies by Investhazeta, the authoritative financial and economic weekly.

Financial directors from all spheres of business - from IT companies to retail traders, from steelmakers to beverage manufacturing companies, were included in the Investhazeta list of the top 50. The compilers of this rating assessed the work of financial directors by analysing five key pieces of data - the financial indicators of the company, attraction of capital, introduction of innovations, participation in strategy development, their role in change management and the anti-crisis measures they have adopted.

To compile the rating the editors of Investhazeta drew up a long list of 110 financial directors and then consulted expert analysts to identify the top 50. These included experts from such companies as Talent Advisors, Concorde Capital, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Horizon Capital and PricewaterhouseCoopers.