Imperial Tobacco Expands Presence to the Compact Format

Imperial Tobacco Ukraine launches simultaneously three new products on the market in the most dynamic segment of the tobacco market “queen size” – compact cigarette format. This autumn the company introduces new products: Davidoff Shape, Pryma Optima and West Compact Blue.

Nowadays, a compact format is one of the most dynamically developing one on the Ukrainian market. Within a year this segment has increase twice: according to AC Nielsen, in September 2012 its market share  was 1.2%, in September 2013 was already 2.7%. The market analysts forecast further development of this segment.

A typical trait of the compact format “queen size” is a cigarette diameter of 4.8 mm that is 1 mm less than the classical format “king size”. Such cigarette form attracts an attention of the adult smokers of the traditional cigarettes, who want some innovations, but at the same time are not ready to change their habits and choose “super” cigarettes.

 A new product Davidoff Shape has been introduced to the market in two versions– Shape Black (7/0.6) and Shape White (3/0.3) at the price of 13 UAH that is the most suitable proposition of compact format in premium price segment. Now the high quality premium brand is also available in the fastest growing segment.

Compact Pryma Optima is presented in two versions – Pryma Optima No 8 (10/0.8 mg) and Pryma Optima No 6 (7/0.6 mg), red and blue respectively, where a number in the name corresponds to the nicotine content in a cigarette. Pryma Optima is the first and the most suitable proposition of the compact format among national cigarette brands, reflecting the ideal proportion “price – quality – format”.

 The first and until recently the only representative of Imperial Tobacco in compact segment – brand West Compact – can be certainly named nowadays  as one of the most successful launches of the company within the last several years. At present, it is one of the leading drivers of the whole compact cigarette segment increase. On expanding its assortment, the company presents a new “blue” version that should advance the brand’s growth. Till the ending of the year the new version of West Compact Blue (6/0,5) will join the well-known West Compact Red (7/0,6) and West Compact Silver (4/0,4).

 Joachim Bentz, a Consumer Marketing Director of Imperial Tobacco Ukraine: “Until recently, Imperial Tobacco was represented in compact format only by West Compact brand – “Red” and “Silver” versions, that provided us with 19% share of this segment. We have all preconditions to become the leader in compact format with new propositions, because our new products are placed in different price segments, thus, they are addressed to different groups of adult smokers”.