Imperial Tobacco Factory received the Board of Directors of various Kyiv enterprises

On July 3m 2013 at Imperial Tobacco’s factory in Kiev, an offsite meeting of the Board of Directors of enterprises, institutions and organisations of Kyiv took place.

 Anatolii Holubchenko, deputy head of Kyiv City State administration, and heads of structural subdivisions of Kyiv City State Administration and District State Administration also participated.

More than 80 leading businessmen and state officials visited the central office of the company as part of the working session. They discussed social and economic issues, including capital assets, as they became more acquainted with the work of the tobacco enterprise. The participants also visited production facilities and discussed the problems which the company and the tobacco industry are facing as a whole.

The working session was held after visiting the production facilities. Such topics, “The state of work of the industry of Kyiv City, and the different ways to cooperate between the authorities and the businesspersons were discussed. Effort is being made to increase the efficiency of the industrial complex performance in 2013. Nikolai Penner, chairman of the board of Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine, presented a report in discussing how this would be accomplished.

Nikolai Penner, Chairman of the Board of Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine JSC, factory manager,

“We on behalf of the company are pleased to receive such a delegation and provide them a tour of Imperial Tobacco’s production facilities in Ukraine. The Kyiv Tobacco Factory is the leader within the Group and in the entire Eastern Europe region. In addition, being received so positively by such a discriminating and demanding audience of experts, as they themselves are managers and leaders on their own accord in industrial enterprises, is evident of this"