Imperial Tobacco the first to introduce packs of 25 cigarettes to the market

In July 2013, Imperial Tobacco Ukraine presented new packs containing 25 cigarettes instead of the traditional 20. Its legendary Stolichnyie cigarettes, part of the affordable price segment, will now be offered to smokers in this affordable size.

The Stolichnyie cigarettes in the larger packs will contain traditional tar and nicotine contents - 10 mg/0.7 mg respectively. Their maximum retail price will be 9 hryvnias for each pack of 25 filtered cigarettes.

The increase in the number of cigarettes per pack to 25 has already resulted in a reduction in the company’s production costs and these savings will be passed on to the customer. Smokers will therefore pay less per cigarette. By comparison, the average price of a standard pack of 20 cigarettes is now 10 hryvnias.

Imperial Tobacco notes the significant potential of this modern and profitable offer of 25 cigarettes per pack, which benefits consumer and company alike.

Natalia Mykolaienko, Public Relations Manager ofImperial Tobacco in Ukraine:

"Market research has revealed that the Ukrainian smoker pays a great deal of attention to pricing when choosing tobacco products. Unfortunately, consumer objection to being asked to pay higher than reasonable prices frequently leads them into the hands of illegal manufacturers and smugglers, and this stimulates the growth of illegal trade in smuggled and untaxed cheap cigarettes.

According to the TNS Ukraine Company, every 12th pack of cigarettes sold in Ukraine is part of the  grey market (counterfeit and contraband), which has emerged as a direct result of price differences. 

Such an advantageous offer as 25 cigarettes per pack rather than 20 provides the consumer with a real alternative to illegal products. Furthermore, brand integrity is protected. Popular cigarette brands will now be better protected from counterfeiting as a result of this move."