Prima - a leading brand in Ukraine


The Prima cigarette brand has once again retained its position as one of the leading Ukrainian brands in the Focus magazine ranking. This year, the brand is ranked fourth and is the only cigarette brand in the list of the 50 most successful brands in the nation.

Prima is a legendary Ukrainian cigarette brand with a history spanning more than half a century. Having first been produced in 1947 at the Kiev tobacco factory, it has made the transition from a conventional to a modern cigarette,  adapting with new technology and developing new formats along the way.

Today, Prima is the largest brand family on the Ukrainian market and is the crowning glory of Imperial Tobacco's portfolio. Its market share is now  more than 13 %, meaning that every 7th cigarette sold in Ukraine is a  Prima. The brand family includes Prima Lux, Prima Sribna, Prima Optima, Prima 83 and Prima Clasychna.