Code of Conduct

What is our Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct is a summary of a number of long standing practices and policies relating to both individual and business conduct brought together in one document. The Code of Conduct sets out the standards of responsible behaviour that all employees of Imperial Tobacco Group are expected to follow and provides practical guidance on how to deal with important ethical and legal issues. The Code of Conduct is designed to support everyone in living up to these behaviours.

Who should follow the Code of Conduct?

The Code applies to every employee in Imperial Tobacco Group, regardless of role, location or geography, including all businesses that operate under a different trading name. We must all always follow the standards and behaviours set out in the Code of Conduct.

In addition, all third party agents, contractors, consultants and distributors who are employed by us must also work within the standards and behaviours outlined in the Code when conducting business on our behalf.

Download Imperial Tobacco Group Code of Conduct

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