Employment practices

Key to the sustainability of our business is the continued development of our people and we are committed to ensuring our employees continue to fulfil their potential.

As a responsible business we take care of our employees, treating them with fairness, dignity and respect. We seek to provide a working environment which attracts, retains, develops and motivates the best people so that they can meet the challenges of the business and achieve personal success as well as share in the Group’s successes.

We understand that execution excellence and our ability to deliver results depends on the commitment and capabilities of our employees.

General employment practices

Our aim is to ensure that employees are professionally recruited, provided with a contract of employment in line with local legislation, effectively rewarded and are encouraged to develop personally and professionally to support the objectives of the business.

To ensure employees can share in our success, the Group offers competitive pay and benefit packages. Through formal performance management processes, we link the Group’s goals and objectives and those of each individual manager. Performance management also ensures a shared understanding of what employees are expected to achieve and how.

Our reward strategies are linked to Group, market and individual performance and we encourage employees to build a stake in the Company through share-based employee benefit schemes.

We offer more than just a job by creating opportunities for people to develop, both individually and within their teams. Supported by opportunities for learning and development, we expect our people to rise to the challenge of the job and the highly competitive environment.

Health protection and wellbeing travel safety

We take seriously the health, wellbeing and security of our employees and encourage our operations to use risk management practices, rehabilitation and support programmes. Not only is this the right thing to do but helping to reduce absence, contributes towards productivity and the overall execution excellence of our business processes. Our aim is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, as well as providing support to their communities. Health initiatives include promotion events for medical insurance, sports activities and work-life balance workshops.

Employee engagement

Employee consultation and engagement is fundamental to our success and we actively promote two-way dialogue.
We encourage efficient employee communication and promote good working relationships with employees and their representatives. We aim to create an environment where employees are able to communicate in an open and honest manner with all stakeholders.

We seek to inform and involve employees in understanding our business objectives and local developments affecting their particular working environment.
Day-to-day communication channels include manager cascade, email, the intranet, employee publications and notice boards. We communicate regularly with our employees and actively promote two-way dialogue. In our market we use engagement surveys to gain an understanding of employee views on various aspects of employment.

Fairness at work

We are committed to maintaining a working environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect, where the principles of equal opportunities are adhered to and where employee grievances are addressed consistently, fairly and in a timely manner.

Employees are encouraged to achieve and maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, in line with our Code of Conduct, to foster good working relationships and to eliminate harassment.  Our aim is to ensure that no employee or job applicant receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, race, disability, marital status, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, age or religious beliefs, or any other basis which is not related to their performance or ability to carry out a job.