Tobacco products /
Our approach to research and its funding

Our scientific research and development programmes are undertaken to improve our knowledge of tobacco, our products, smoking and tobacco use, and the diseases associated with smoking.

We also monitor research in all areas relevant to a tobacco company, including mechanisms of the diseases associated with smoking. We consider requests for funding and make some limited contributions in this area. We do not seek to influence the results or the publication of such research.

One of the uses we make of this knowledge is to develop potentially reduced exposure products (PREPs) that might be regarded by government authorities as having potentially reduced risk. We intend to be an active and effective participant in developments in this area. We continue to seek dialogue with governments and other relevant authorities as well as industry experts to define objective criteria and predictive tests by which these products can be judged.
Some scientific researchers refuse to accept tobacco companies’ funding. This is a matter of regret as we believe the area continues to require the attention of independent, academic science