Tobacco products /

We do not add anything to our products to make it more difficult for smokers to stop smoking, to make our products attractive to children or to increase the level or change the chemical form of nicotine in tobacco smoke.

Ingredients may be added to tobacco products during manufacture. Ingredients (for example, flavourings typically used in food) are used in very small quantities in some brands to enhance their overall flavour characteristics and aroma, giving each Imperial Tobacco brand variant its own distinctive style, in line with consumer preferences.

The term ‘ingredient’ also applies to substances in the non-tobacco materials that are used to make our products. These materials include the cigarette paper, the filter, the adhesive that seals the paper and the ink that colours the tipping.

Many governments regulate the ingredients which may be added to tobacco products and we comply fully with these regulations. Even in countries where no regulations exist, we make sure that we conform to similar standards.
We assess the appropriateness and acceptability of the ingredients we use.

We employ a panel of experienced toxicologists to carry out risk assessments on ingredients and to judge the suitability of these ingredients for inclusion in our products.

We make regular submissions to governments’ competent authorities on the ingredients used in our tobacco products which are sold in their jurisdictions.