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All consumers have a responsibility to properly dispose of their litter, whether this is cigarette butts and product packaging, chewing gum, drinks’ cans, fast food containers or any other items.
We believe the best approach to tackling litter is for key stakeholders, such as the tobacco industry, government, environmental bodies, business and local communities to work together to educate and change people’s behaviour.
We support local initiatives that seek to educate consumers and change their behaviour and attitude to littering, for example:

In the UK we print the recognised ‘Tidy Man’ symbol on the packaging of all our tobacco products to remind smokers to dispose of their packs and cigarette butts properly. This is a voluntary measure which has also been adopted by other UK tobacco manufacturers. Through the UK Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association, we also maintain dialogue with the environmental charity ENCAMS (Environmental Campaigns) on encouraging the responsible disposal of smoking-related litter.

In Australia we provide funding to KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful), an organisation that runs a number of campaigns aimed at improving the Australian environment. KESAB’s “Please Butt It, Then Bin It” campaign involves councils, businesses and local communities in a co-ordinated approach to minimising butt litter by encouraging behavioural change and through improving the provision of signage and cigarette butt bins.