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Lower Ignition Propensity Products (LIPPs)

There is no such thing as a “fire-safe” cigarette.  Cigarettes are designed to be burned, and any burning item is a potential fire hazard.

Smokers should use common sense and take care when using or disposing of their cigarettes and other smoking materials. Careless use and disposal of any burning item can cause fires.

We believe the standard tests that are used to assess the ignition potential of cigarettes are flawed. 

By modifying cigarette design and composition it is possible to produce products that are capable of improved results in these flawed tests.

Some authorities have introduced regulations that require lower ignition propensity products to be made available, but it is unclear whether these reduce the risk of fires in real-life situations. Consequently, we believe that the term ‘fire safe’ is misleading.

We believe that the most effective way to reduce fires and fire deaths is through a range of measures including public education, fire protection and prevention programmes, the wider use of smoke detectors in homes, and by legislating for the use of fire retardant fabrics, furnishings and building materials.